Welcome to Cissel-Saxon American Legion Post 41 of Silver Spring, Maryland
Serving the Silver Spring Maryland community since 1919 and still going strong!

Post Home                                                             Hours of Operation
905 Sligo Ave (Enter at 8110 Fenton)                  Mon. - Thurs.: 2:30pm - 8:30pm* 
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910                           Friday: 11:00am - 2:00am
301-588-8937                                                     Saturday: 2:30pm - 8:30pm*
info@post41.org                                                Sunday: 2:30pm# - 8:30pm*
                                                                          *Close at Bartender's discretion
                                                                           after times listed
                                                                          #Open at 12:00pm Sunday's during Football

Post Officers

2017-2018 Post Officers:

Commander:                     Dan Bullis
1st Vice Commander:        Ted Benton
2nd Vice Commander:       Emma Lardner
3rd Vice Commander:        Mike McRory
Finance Officer:                 Jeff Fukunaga
Adjutant:                            Warren McKay
Sergeant-at-Arms:              Bill Oaks
Chaplain:                            Lou Gaeta
Service Officer:                   Dixie Johnson
Judge Advocate:                 Stanford Owen
Executive Committee:         Charlie Wood (PC)
                                          Jim Foster
                                          Chuck Lucia
                                          Darian Patterson
                                          Dixie Johnson

Post Home Manager:          Tony Ragazzo

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